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ansible playbooks for peregrine

This repository contains an inventory and ansible playbooks for the peregrine cluster.

Install slurm.

To install slurm server:

ansible-playbook  --vault-password-file=.vault_pass.txt  slurm.yml

Skip building of docker images.

The building of docker images takes al lot of time and is only nessecary when the docker file has been changed. You can skip this with the following command.

ansible-playbook --vault-password-file=.vault_pass.txt slurm.yml  --skip-tags build

Furthermore, you can prevent the services from starting inmediately by providing the --skip-tags start-service flag.

Setting the state of a single node.

If you want to bring a node's configuration up to date. For example after it has been rolled out via xcat, you can run the following command.
This will configure all state for that node. (node exporter for prometheus, if it is a gpu node, gpu monitoring etc)

ansible-playbook --limit pg-node023 site.yml