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import os
import sys
import shutil
from collections import Counter
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import defaultfiles as default
import convert_xsampa2ipa
import stimmen_functions
import fame_functions
import convert_phoneset
from phoneset import fame_ipa, fame_asr
import file_handling as fh
from htk import pyhtk
## ======================= user define =======================
## ======================= make test data ======================
stimmen_test_dir = r'c:\OneDrive\Research\rug\_data\stimmen_test'
## copy wav files which is in the stimmen data.
df = stimmen_functions.load_transcriptions()
#for index, row in df.iterrows():
# filename = row['filename']
# wav_file = os.path.join(default.stimmen_wav_dir, filename)
# shutil.copy(wav_file, os.path.join(stimmen_test_dir, filename))
# after manually removed files which has too much noise and multiple words...
# update the info.
df_clean = stimmen_functions.load_transcriptions_clean(stimmen_test_dir)
# count how many files are removed due to the quality.
word_list = [i for i in list(set(df['word'])) if not pd.isnull(i)]
word_list = sorted(word_list)
for word in word_list:
df_ = df[df['word']==word]
df_clean_ = df_clean[df_clean['word']==word]
print('word {0} has {1} clean files among {2} files ({3:.2f} [%]).'.format(
word, len(df_clean_), len(df_), len(df_clean_)/len(df_)*100))
## check phones included in stimmen but not in FAME!
splitted_ipas = [' '.join(
convert_phoneset.split_word(ipa, fame_ipa.multi_character_phones))
for ipa in df['ipa']]
stimmen_phones = set(' '.join(splitted_ipas))
stimmen_phones = list(stimmen_phones)
fame_phones = fame_ipa.phoneset
print('phones which are used in stimmen transcription but not in FAME corpus are:\n{}'.format(
set(stimmen_phones) - set(fame_phones)
for ipa in df['ipa']:
ipa_splitted = convert_phoneset.split_word(ipa, fame_ipa.multi_character_phones)
if ':' in ipa_splitted:
## check pronunciation variants
df_clean = stimmen_functions.load_transcriptions_clean(stimmen_test_dir)
df_clean = stimmen_functions.add_row_asr(df_clean)
df_clean = stimmen_functions.add_row_htk(df_clean)
for word in word_list:
#word = word_list[1]
df_ = df_clean[df_clean['word']==word]
c = Counter(df_['htk'])
pronunciations = dict()
for key, value in zip(c.keys(), c.values()):
if value > 3:
pronunciations[key] = value
monophone_mlf = os.path.join(default.htk_dir, 'label', 'train_phone_aligned.mlf')
triphone_mlf = os.path.join(default.htk_dir, 'label', 'train_triphone.mlf')
def filenames_in_mlf(file_mlf):
with open(file_mlf) as f:
lines_ ='\n')
lines = [line for line in lines_ if len(line.split(' ')) == 1 and line != '.']
filenames = [line.replace('"', '').replace('*/', '') for line in lines[1:-1]]
return filenames
filenames_mono = filenames_in_mlf(monophone_mlf)
filenames_tri = filenames_in_mlf(triphone_mlf)