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"""Module to convert phonemes."""
def multi_character_tokenize(line, multi_character_tokens):
"""Tries to match one of the tokens in multi_character_tokens at each position of line, starting at position 0,
if so tokenizes and eats that token. Otherwise tokenizes a single character"""
while line != '':
for token in multi_character_tokens:
if line.startswith(token) and len(token) > 0:
yield token
line = line[len(token):]
yield line[:1]
line = line[1:]
def split_word(word, multi_character_phones):
Split a line by given phoneset.
word (str): one word written in given phoneset.
word_seperated (str): the word splitted in given phoneset.
return [phone for phone in multi_character_tokenize(word.strip(), multi_character_phones)]