fix(questions.yaml): update questions to use in rancher

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@ -2,27 +2,17 @@
- variable: ingress.enabled
label: Enable ingress
default: false
description: "Enable ingress"
type: boolean
required: true
group: "Load balancing"
- variable: opencpu.image.repository
label: Registry
default: ""
description: "Select a registry to pull from"
type: enum
- ""
- ""
- variable: ingress.hosts[0].name
label: Hostname(s)
default: ""
description: "Specify a hostname for this MOLGENIS website instance"
type: hostname
required: true
group: "Provisioning"
- variable: opencpu.image.tag
- variable: image.image.tag
label: Version
default: ""
description: "Select a OpenCPU version (check the or for released tags)"
description: "Select a MOLGENIS website version (check the for released tags)"
type: string
required: true
group: "Provisioning"