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@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ University of Groningen\\[0.5cm]
\frametitle{4D flow MRI}
\column{.55\textwidth} % Left column and width
\column{.5\textwidth} % Left column and width
\onslide<1-> 4D flow MRI has been shown potential in the assesment of blood flow dynamics in the heart and also large arteries.\\[0.2cm]
@ -142,8 +142,13 @@ University of Groningen\\[0.5cm]
\item<5-> Rich post-proccesing: derived parameters
\column{.5\textwidth} % Right column and width
\column{.54\textwidth} % Right column and width
\caption{\footnotesize 4D flow MRI of a human thorax}